Six Word Saturday~8/1


Good news about health and job.

On Monday, I got the results of my bone scan:  no new lesions, and the lesions that I already had are improving!  That means the chemo is working.  When I saw the oncologist on Wednesday, he said the lesions were healing, and that doesn’t happen very often. I will see that doctor again after two months instead of one.  So awesome to hear, and an answer to prayers.  Praise God!🙌

I had a job interview scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, but had to cancel it because earlier in the day, I accepted a job offer from the same agency I worked for last year.  I will be working in a different school, but it is a similar distance away.  They asked me if I wanted full-time or part-time, and I chose part-time, since I still have a lot of fatigue from MS and the chemo combined.  I still have to sign a contract, but the position has been verbally confirmed.

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Six Word Saturday~7/25

Whirlwind summer moving far too slowly.


Each day seems to drag, but overall this summer has been going quickly.  I am doing speech therapy for summer school for four weeks, hoping to make up some of the income I lost during the school year.  I have twelve students total.  I see six elementary students on Monday mornings, and six junior high/high school students on Tuesday mornings.  It helps me get the day started, and I really enjoy working with the students.

I have an interview for a speech therapy job in the Fall next Tuesday, and also got a call from last year’s employer, wanting to know if I would be interested in working for them again this Fall.  I also have another chance at applying for disability.  Decisions, decisions…

Things have been going okay healthwise.  I still have pain everyday, and often feel exhausted from doing very little. I can still walk though, often without any mobility aids.  Climbing stairs has gotten easier too.  I am also trying to get exercise taking my dog for a walk every day.  I will get results from a followup bone scan next week.  The last one I had was back in November 2014, when I was diagnosed with bone mets.

My days are mostly filled with reading, crocheting, naps, FB and Instagram, with a little housework in between.

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Hello Again

I have spent a lot of time at home lately, but have not been the positive self I have tried to be on this blog, so have not posted, or kept up with many of you.    I decided to write an update anyway.   Maybe this will help me get back on the positive path of my cancer journey.

I have had intermittent back pain, sometimes stabbing, for about six weeks.  At the beginning of June, my oncologist recommended I get an MRI of my spine.  After finally getting an MRI that was delayed for a week because of needing insurance to authorize the test, it took almost another week to find out the semi-positive results.  The MRI showed extensive metastatic breast cancer lesions, but they are the same ones that showed on the MRI I had in December of last year.  The lesions have not grown, so I am trying to balance the pain killer to see what level works best.  I try to take the ibuprofen
before it starts hurting again, but haven’t quite determined the right amount.  So the pain continues.  It got so bad at one point that had to quit the physical therapy that I was doing to increase muscle strength in my hip area after the partial hip replacement surgery I had in January. That was helping, and I miss that.

At the same time this was going on, I applied and interviewed for a church secretarial position.  I did not get that job, and was really hoping it would work out.  I need nine quarters in the last ten years to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.  As a speech pathologist in the schools, most of my money went to the Teacher’s Retirement System instead of Social Security, except for the last two years.  I worked on a contractual basis in the schools for an agency, and paid into social security.  So not enough quarters for SS disability, and since I am no longer paying into TRS, I can’t get disability benefits from them either.  It is a mess!  And I NEED some kind of job, especially with the added expense of my cancer diagnosis, meds, tests, etc.

Well, if you have gotten this far, thanks for reading.  I know God is with me, and pray daily for patience and perseverance.  I ask for your prayers and positive thoughts as well.

Six Word Saturday~5/30


Was this my last day of school forever?

My contract was up at the end of this school year, which was Wednesday, May 27th.  Therefore, I am again unemployed.  I am considering changing careers, to have less stress in my life.  If I don’t find a different job by the end of the summer, I may go back to doing speech therapy in the schools.

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