Six Word Saturday~10/3


      No more stories about my health.

I had a good conversation with my dad today.  I told him I was thinking about saying goodbye to 6ws, since all my stories seemed that be related to my lack of health.  I feel like cancer and multiple sclerosis have taken over my life.  He reminded me that there are other aspects of my life that are not related to my diseases.  So you will read only six word stories about the other, more positive, parts of my life from now on.  I will leave the status of my health to other posts.

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Six Word Saturday~9/12


Inspired by nature to write micropoetry.

It had been quite a while since I have written any poetry.  You can see that post below this one, titled Hummingbird.

With the course of steroids I have been on, my health is improving this week.  I was able to work all week, and could join in some activities that I might usually feel too exhausted to try.  All in all a pretty good week.

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Six Word Saturday~9/5


Too much medical drama this week.

I really wasn’t feeling great last weekend, but I had some fun plans that I wanted to participate in, so I rested a lot in between.  By Monday afternoon, it was worse.  My left foot was swollen and in pain, and I was having diminished sensations and tingling at the same time (called parastesias), up my left side.  I went to my primary doctor, who said he didn’t know if it was MS or my cancer.  He ordered an MRI to check things out, but said I should go to the ER if things got worse.  The MRI was scheduled for Wednesday.

Later on Monday night, the parastesias transferred to my right side as well, and I did to the ER.  After several hours of tests, they decided it was MS, and gave me a dose of IV steroids.  They sent me home with a prescription of oral steroids, and told me to keep the appointment for the MRI.

I have also been diagnosed with a mild/moderate bilateral hearing loss recently and had an appointment on Tuesday for a trial pair of hearing aids.  I found out that I wasn’t actually getting the aids that day, but had to pick out and order them.  I will get them in about two weeks.

On Thursday, I got the results of the MRI–no changes.  So I am able to return to work, will finish the course of steroids, and see my neuro as scheduled at the end of the month.

The parastesias have mostly gone away, but now I am having balance issues and trouble walking.  I hope the steroids take care of that.

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